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Civilization and History Essay Summary

by Pawan Kumar

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Civilization And History

The books of history are nothing more than the records of the deeds and misdeeds of great conquerers, generals and soldiers. Those who really help in the development of Civilization find no mention in the books of history.

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Civilization and History

We all know about the The destroyers of mankind but we hardly know about those who first set broken leg for crossing the sea and for manured a field. People think a great deal of the great conquerers, generals and soldiers so much so that they have installed statues of these people in the great cities of the world.

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People generally believe that grade countries are those that have defeated the greatest number of other countries and ruled over them as conquerers. Search peoples and countries cannot be regarded as civilized even if they occupy the the greatest place in the books of history.

Fighting is Not Civilization

Animals fight; so do savages. If human beings also fight among themselves, they are in no way better that the animals or savages. Even those who train people to kill others more efficiently cannot be called civilised.

Whatever the conquerors and generals have done in the past is not a part of civilization. People fight to settle their disputes. and fighting means killing one another.

The civilized people find some other way of settling their disputes. They do not believe in fighting, hurting, killing and grabbing of lands of others. In the past, those who won the battles were regarded as right.

Thus, what going to war means is that might is right and the conquerors are always right. Two World Wars : In the present age, some of the countries of the world fought two World Wars to settle their disputes.

Millions of people were killed and mutilated in these wars. It is true that today people do not fight and kill one another in the streets. People keep rules and behave properly to one another in their daily life but Nations and countries have not learnt this year they still behave like savages.

Development of Civilization:

We must not anticipate much from the humanity because the history of civilisation is not very long. From expansion, human beings are just like small young children. The man came into presence just 1 million years ago, and civilised man came to exist some eight thousand years ago.

Thus humanity is only at the beginning of its civilised life. The best man had been very wild and beastly. He had been engaged in fighting, bullying and many other activities. It would have been better if he had done something useful and constructive instead of fighting one another for settling their disputes.

Final Words:

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