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The Ultimate Guide on State Executive

by Pawan Kumar

Welcome friends! Today in this article, I will provide an ultimate guide on state executive with proper explanation. If you want to get all the information, then read the full article without skipping any line.

State executive is the most important topic.

What is State Executive?

Article 153 to 167 of Indian Constitution deal with the issues relating to the executive, i.e., the governor, the Chief Minister and members of the State Council of Ministers. Besides, some administrative employees assist the ministers in the functioning of the State Government.

They play a crucial role in the formulation and undertaking of the strategies of the state government.

1. The Governor: The Governor is the constitutional head of the State Executive. He is also the representative of the centre in the state. The President of India directly appoints him/her without having for the discussion. Due to some great powers, the Governor appreciates their position to control the state.

2. Appointment: The founders of our constitution adopted the Canadian model in the selection of the Governor. All the affairs of the state government are carried out in his name. According to article 153 of our excellent legislation, it is mentioned that there will be a Governor for each state is mandatory.

It is a fact that the president appoints the Governor after discussing with the prime minister. Further two conventions are usually followed in the appointment of the governor. They are,

1. Consulting the chief minister of the concerned state.

2. Choosing an eminent person referring to the state other than the concerned. The most reputed Commission proposed some distinct principles for the selection of governor. It emphasised the need for appointing non-controversial and eminent persons relating to the minority sections as governors.

Powers and Functions of the Governor

The Governor has lots of power and functions in the State. The five significant powers and functions mentioned as follows:

Executive Power and Functions: It is considered as one of the decent power of a Governor. He/She is vested with the executive powers of the state government as per article 154 of our Indian constitution. The governor has the right to appoint the chief minister and also appoints the ministers on the advice of the chief minister.

The vice-chancellor of the university in the State is also who appoints by the governor of that respective state. He regulates the posting and transfer of the All India services faculty working in the state.

The Governors of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and Assam have an individual responsibility of promoting the Welfare of the travel people living in their particular area.

Legislative Powers and Functions: The Governor is an integral part of the State Legislature.

The Governor convenes and prorogues the two Houses of State Legislature. He addresses the State Legislative Assembly in person or through messages. The responsibility of inauguration of the first session of the State Legislative Assembly every year is also done by the Governer.

Final Words:

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