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What is Education? Fully Explained

by Pawan Kumar

Hello friends to our website. In this post, I will provide you information about education. If you want full relevant information about this topic and you come on the right website. So stay with us to get proper information about education.

What is Education?

Education has been considered as a natural process. The process of education started even during the pre-historic period when man in his primitive stage begin to apply is intelligence to adapt himself to his environment and fulfill the needs of his life. Not only men but every living being has to adapt itself to its environment failing which its survival becomes difficult.

What is Education

Some creatures have some natural powers which help them in their adaptation to environment but man lacks these powers. The nature by giving wisdom to man has deprived him of all those natural gifts which would have enabled him to adapt himself to his environment like other animals in the world. So the only way open to him was to discover and create the means of adaptation. And thus here was the beginning of education.

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The infant begins to learn from his mother after the birth. Then gradually learns from the family community and the other members of the society. You know learning is synonymous to education, i.e., learning process is a part of educational process. We should be noted that family, community, society and environment are all education institutions which continue to educate the child since birth. But formal and planned education is given in schools only.

Education given by the above of institutions is a natural process which is received by every person according to his aptitude and capability. This is the fact that they do not influence all equally. Parents only prepare the necessary background for formal education in schools.

Important Things to Consider

The basis of their education is imitation, while education in schools is based on instruction experimentation and practice. Looking to the extensive field of education it is necessary that a very skillful method shoulder adopted for the human achievements and experience. The division of the whole educational material into subject, topics, parts and classes is a part of this method but even this work requires several precautions.


Firstly the entire education material should be condensed and divided into subjects. Secondly, subjects and subject matter should be selected on the basis of age, availability, capability and intelligence of students. Thirdly, those imparting education, that is good teachers should have sufficient ability and knowledge, enthusiasm and tolerance. And the last but not the least is the society and Nation should bear the responsibility of providing schools and teachers proper atmosphere. I hope you also agree with these points.

Definition Of Education

There are lots of defines of education on the basis of many great educationists.

According to Plato: Education is a system which guides the youth to proper logical discourses supported by rules and regulations accepted on the basis of preceding generations.

Aristotle recognised education as a social and practical art. According to him it is a part of politics. Since it is equal interesting to all. Its training should be common for all children and its organisation should be the responsibility of the state.

Education is the highest achievement of a human mind and it is the highest form of morality. It is based on the appreciation of a direct and easily comprehensible predetermined aim.

Scope Of Education

It is evident from the definition of Education that the process of it is not different from the process of life. It is rather its supplementary system. So the scope of education will be the entire field of life of man and the problems of it will be the problems of life.

There are a number of such problems related to the education and development of child which will particle early require help from psychology for their solution. Educational psychology studies physical and mental development of children.

Final Words:

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